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Self-employed professional masseur advertises over the web

email simon@webartisan.co.uk

I have built a number of websites for small businesses. Some of my clients are new start ups. My websites help their customers find them. Some of my clients are established businesses. The websites generate new leads.

My websites have the following characteristics:

  • Simple, user friendly design.
  • They are static websites (i.e. no animation).
  • They are written in XHTML / CSS.
  • They have low running costs.
  • They are designed to have "Usability" and not hinder disabled users.
  • They are designed with Search Engine Optimisation, They have high visibility in Google, Bing etc.

I test my websites using different browsers including Windows Explorer (versions 6 and later), Safari, Firefox and Chrome. I use Lynx to test they are suitable for visitors with adaptive technology such as screen readers).

I test my websites on traditional computers and on mobile devices such as iPhones.

My clients include