Case study Elizabeth Mayo

Elizabeth Mayo has set up business as a therapeutic masseur. Most new clients are gained through recommendations from existing clients or other health professionals. She widely distributes her business card which includes her website address rather than use brochures.

"Elizabeth can take advantage of free website directories.. another source of clients"

  • People lose or throwaway printed brochures but retain business cards. Unlike a printed brochure, the website is never lost by the customer.
  • A website is cheaper to produce than a high quality printed brochure.
  • Unlike printed material, websites can be viewed by an unlimited number of visitors.
  • A website is easily updated. Brochures once printed cannot be updated. This flexibility is important as Elizabeth establishes her business.
  • Elizabeth can take advantage of free website directories such as http://www.embodyforyou.com/ - another source of clients.
Thumbnail of Elizabeth Mayo Business Card

The website describes the benefits of massage and links to a BBC article on massage. It highlights Elizabeth's professional qualifications and experience.

Visit the www.elizabethmayo.com website.